Company dealing with expatriates & mobile employees

In today’s economy, as companies have become increasingly global, a multinational workforce is a critical and competitive asset.

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Expatriate employees often represent a larger challenge for employers than locally hired staff because of the many aspects Human Resources managers must consider when recruiting them.

Providing adequate benefits for mobile employees can be difficult, particularly as it is such a crucial component in retaining valuable staff and expertise.

Expatriate, Third Country National (TCN), Assignee, Off-shore Worker and Global Nomad are some of the names used to classify the broader category of mobile employee.

Mobile employees are skilled professionals who work outside their home country, often accompanied by their families. These talented professionals have a common need for global coverage and benefits that are often unavailable through their home or host country plans.

From an employer’s perspective, mobile employees are classified based on their similar needs in terms of both benefit levels and geographical scope. A global international plan allows similar cross-border benefit design, equality of treatment, centralised administration and financial synergies.

GEB International Lines division is a team dedicated to cross border employee benefit needs, specialising in providing multinational companies with tailored benefit plans to meet their specific needs and circumstances.

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