International Middle Market (IMM) company

SME Employee Benefits.png Generali knows that Middle Market Companies are the backbone of our economies, and key to job creation. They need dedicated support to grow and compete in today’s global economy.
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Companies that are expanding and establishing operations abroad can find it harder to cope with growing complexity and different regulatory requirements.

Generali's International Middle Market team is by your side, with dedicated solutions that simplify daily administration and maximise advantages, while supporting your international growth.

To ensure employee benefits represent an asset, rather than a limit, to your growth, we provide:

  • Fully admitted local policies, ensuring compliance with local regulations
  • Competitive pricing options
  • Simplified interface to manage administrative requirements across countries
  • In-depth knowledge and expertise of local markets, and of global trends/developments
  • Superior service and support, education and training opportunities
  • Insight, innovation and top-notch offering from a worldwide leader
  • The reputation and solidity of one of the leading global insurance companies