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All around the world, the increase in life expectancy coupled with ever-declining social security revenues leads many people to worry that we are headed toward a retirement crisis, and some people may have to delay retirement due to money issues.

The need for employer-sponsored retirement benefits.

With this in mind, employees are naturally looking to their employers for help. As such, retirement benefits are becoming more and more important and are consistently listed among the top 3 benefits most important to a majority of employees.

According to one of the latest global research by Willis Towers Watson (source, retirement benefits represented one of the top five reasons, behind pay, that employees would move jobs.

At a time when employees are more prepared and open to quitting their jobs than ever before, it is of utmost importance for multinational organizations to implement comprehensive employee benefits packages in all the different locations where they operate. As part of that, setting up an employer-sponsored pension saving plan that responds to the needs of its employees seems to have become a must-have for most large employers.

GEB Pension Solutions for Multinational Clients

Multinational Companies face many challenges when trying to extend corporate pension plans to their entire workforce in the different locations where they operate. Achieving consistency and operational effectiveness across different locations while ensuring compliance with local practices and regulations has proved to be a niggling headache for organizations with subsidiaries in various countries. 

We are here to help and support our Multinational Clients in designing and manage a comprehensive and competitive corporate pension benefits package across different locations.

Pension Report for GEB Clients

Unlike other aspects of employee benefits, pensions are not re-insurable. In other words, they remain by default local and are excluded from the traditional multinational programs (Captive, Lifecycle Pooling and Global Underwriting Solutions).

Obtaining a single, consolidated view of various corporate pension plans across different locations is therefore much more difficult than it is for pure risk coverages such as Life, Disability, or Health insurance. Not only that, but levels of transparency and consistency vary a lot from one local provider to another, making clarity and comparisons between different pension plans hard to achieve. This is the reason why GEB is bringing to its multinational clients the data and intelligence required to achieve a single view: transparent and simplified, yet comprehensive and consolidated.

We have designed a dedicated Pension Report for our clients which gives a single view of all their locally compliant pension solutions, as opposed to having to discuss details with each local provider individually.

Reporting of information

It's an Annual Pension Report with information on local retirement plans. Data included:

  • Pension Contributions (Employer and Employee)
  • Retirement Benefits
  • Amount of Saving Reserves / Assets under Management
  • Investment Income
  • Asset Allocation (where available)


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