GEB Central Coordination Solution

Strengthening your core, together.

Your first step to data insights plus H&W services.

Gain easy access and information on your employee benefits placed with the GEB Network, and qualified reporting combined with Health & Wellbeing support to enhance your employee’s protection worldwide. 
This global solution enables mid-size multinational companies to coordinate their journey in Employee Benefits with excellent centralisation, reporting and wellbeing know-how.

Central Coordination solution at a glance

Designed for medium-sized multinational companies looking to implement and coordinate an employee benefits plan. The benefits of this approach include: 

  • Access to the GEB Network 
  • Easy implementation thanks to simplified SLA
  • Centralised coordination thanks to dedicated Account Manager
  • Early annual reporting with centralised data insights on the performance of local benefits programmes worldwide
  • Access to a mental health and wellbeing app or a health engagement app for your employees
  • Access to GEB Country Insights – powered by Axco for Country-specific additional qualitative insights
  • Competitively priced local benefits programmes 
  • Support on local terms and conditions
  • Locally compliant policies as part of a global approach 

Minimum requirements

To access the Central Coordination solution, clients need to meet the following criteria:

* For premiums to be taken into consideration, they must be placed within the GEB Network.

Available currencies

The Central Coordination Solution is available in EUR, CHF, GBP and USD currencies.