Financial wellbeing platform


GEB has partnered with Fidelity Workplace Consulting to provide access to their global financial wellbeing platform. 

Fidelity’s multi-lingual global financial wellbeing tool builds a personalised picture of your employees’ financial health using online assessments of an employee’s budgeting, debt, savings and protection status, and provides educational content to help them gain knowledge and confidence to take actions and improve their outcomes. Powerful reporting delivers you rich insights into your employees' financial health and further needs.

1. Financial Wellbeing Assessments

Fidelity’s Financial Wellbeing Assessment is a quick 5-10 minute anonymous survey designed to help employees know where they stand and what to prioritise. Fidelity’s proprietary Financial Wellness Score assesses quantitative and qualitative indicators of a person’s financial situation, echoing the recommendations summarised in GEB’s financial wellbeing analysis to provide employees with a roadmap for improving both objective and subjective financial wellbeing.

2. Globally-applicable, individually-relevant guidance 

Using the data collected in the Financial Wellbeing Assessments, the tool offers tailored content, tools and guidance to help employees improve their overall financial well-being. The guidance and suggested action plan is different for each individual and user group based on their unique situation – from Millennials having to make first-time decisions, to people managing day-to-day expenses and those who are financially established. The turnkey solution provides globally-applicable guidance.

3. Customisation and localisation  

The tool can be customised in various ways on a client-by-client basis, including: additional site languages, company-specific demographic data elements, and linkages to existing company resources, vendors and programs. In addition, Fidelity can create localised versions of the tool containing country-specific information and resources.

4. Employer insights

The tool aggregates employee data to present anonymised insights into your employee population globally, with the ability to filter results across multiple demographic segments. This helps you develop and refine employer financial wellbeing strategy and communication plans, and to focus your resources where they are needed most.

About Fidelity Workplace Consulting

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Download the brochure 

Download the financial wellbeing tool brochure here.