Regional offices

Meeting our customers exactly where they are.

As an experienced Employee Benefits Network, we keep abreast of market trends and the places to be in order to anticipate emerging needs and bring value to our customers.

To provide global assistance, in addition to our Head Office in Luxembourg we have 3 regional hubs and 12 locations worldwide staffed by international experts located in key markets.

The Americas

GEB has been present in The Americas since the Network’s inception in 1966. In this important region, we are able to offer local services in over 20 countries. We do this through Generali owned insurers, as well as strategic partnerships with leading companies in markets where Generali does not have a direct presence. With our GEB desks located in New Jersey, Atlanta, San Francisco, and São Paulo we are well-positioned to provide our clients and intermediaries in the region with professional support and well-coordinated access to the global GEB network.

EMEA – Europe, Middle East & Africa

Europe has always represented the main area of activity for the Generali Group and for GEB — particularly Germany, France, Austria, Spain and Switzerland. To reach our goal of superior portfolio diversification, the Group and GEB have enlarged their footprint in Eastern Europe in recent years, where we now have a presence in more than 20 countries. With a consolidated presence in the Middle East and North Africa, GEB has also successfully entered several African countries, becoming one of the pioneer networks in the continent. Positive results attained to date through partnerships with local African insurers enable us to project a rise in demand of local service capabilities.

Asia Pacific

In Asia, the Generali Group is active in China (where Generali China Life ranks among the leading foreign participated insurers), Hong Kong, Philippines, Thailand, India, Japan, Indonesia and Vietnam. GEB has been present in the Asia Pacific region since the early ‘70s. Keeping pace with the region’s growing strategic importance for the whole Generali Group, GEB has enlarged its footprint in the area. Through the direct presence of Generali companies and key partnerships with major local insurers, our clients are provided with expert advice and professional support from GEB. Our strategically located teams greatly assist clients in finding the best solutions to their needs, and supply constant support.