Medical Reports

GEB provides leading-edge medical dashboard reports to help clients monitor health and spending trends across their global population.  Watch the video below to learn more about our medical reporting capabilities.


GEB’s Global Medical Dashboard Reports provide an overview of claims experience and identify key medical cost drivers to help clients make informed decisions on their global health plans, to better impact spending and diagnostic trends over time.

GEB’s Medical Dashboard reports present detailed local country medical claims information in an online, tabular, and highly interactive format. 

Dashboard reports provide country-specific detail on claims and utilisation experience to reveal insights on:

  • Paid claims;
  • Membership data;
  • Per claim and per claimant KPIs;
  • Large claims and high claimants;
  • Benefit categories;
  • Diagnostic categories (ICD10 chapters and subchapters);
  • Cross-reference (drill-down) perspectives;
  • Year-over-year changes, with indications on root causes e.g. more patients (incidence), more services per patient (frequency), or higher costs per service (unit cost);
  • Benchmark data embedded into each country report for comparative purposes.

Medical Dashboards brochure

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