Data & reporting

Access to relevant data is what makes the difference to making the right decisions.

We continuously strive to help companies understand clearly, and analyse correctly, their employee benefits experiences around the world.

Generali experts facilitate coordination and information gathering to enhance a company’s risk management capacities, and help them obtain the most from the benefits they provide to employees.

Right tools:

  • Global coordination: Our powerful and easy to use reporting tools, from our interactive i-Booklet, to annual reports and dedicated analysis, allow our clients to quickly obtain up-to-date overviews of their entire employee benefits plans.
  • Local Granularity: Quarterly reports are available (“Reinsurance Updates”), with a breakdown by country and policy, to regularly monitor local country experience and identify local trends.
  • Medical reports: Since their introduction in 2013, our ground-breaking set of healthcare reports have provided companies with a unique advantage to monitor medical trends, identify cost-drivers and mitigate exposure across countries.