Tiffani Bova will be speaking at our Virtual Network Conference on Sept 3rd. Tiffani is the Growth Evangelist at Salesforce read more

August 28

At our #VirtualNetworkConference on Sept 3rd Felix Finkbeiner founder of the #NGO Plant-for-the-Planet will be sharing his story read more

August 22

On Tuesday 28th July Eric Butler and Daniela Masters will represent Generali Employee Benefits - GEB at a webinar organised by In2Matrix Global. read more

August 1

Wishing all our clients and colleagues in #Atlanta, #Parsippany, #SanFrancisco and the entire #US a Happy…

November 28

Focus on international corporate business development. Generali Country Italy and Global Business Lines announces t…

July 30

Not all medical claim reports are created equal: the best will provide the insights you need to help drive decision…

July 2

Can corporate health plan members be encouraged to be more responsible healthcare consumers? The latest medical tre…

June 18

@GEB_Network's Daniela Masters on how to derive much more value from your #health and #wellbeing programmes: tomorr…

June 11

Blockchain ‘Firsts’ at GEB: for the Employee Benefits industry & for the Network

Blockchain technology set to change the industry forever

Helping your employees enjoy a healthier future

Generali launches Generali Global Pension, a new Global Business Unit dedicated to pensions