Expat Life

Protecting employees and their families against major life risks is of particular value to mobile employees, whose family members are already exposed to the pressure of an unfamiliar environment.

Group Life insurance is one of the most essential protections, as it forms the cornerstone of a valuable employee benefits package, by providing staff with greater security and, therefore, loyalty to your company. 

Generali Employee Benefits Network offers a wide range of customised life and dependent solutions, with dedicated assistance to help employers assess their needs, select solutions, and devise a plan that best matches their objectives and budgets.


Life insurance provides a monetary lump sum benefit to surviving family/beneficiaries in the unfortunate event of death. This lump sum benefit may be enough to secure the financial future of the surviving family by paying off the mortgage on the family home, securing school fees for the children, and maintaining the current standard of living. 


Up to 50% of the benefit is payable on diagnosis of a terminal illness if the member’s life expectancy is 12 months or less. The remainder of the benefit is payable on death. Coverage may be purchased as a reduced coverage for natural causes only – or as the standard coverage for all causes. In some cases, the accompanying spouse* may be included in this coverage. 


Dependants Pension (Spouse’s* Pension / Children’s** Pension / Orphans*** Pension) provide a lifelong payment in monthly distributions to the Spouse* – and/or to any Children** until they reach the age of 18 (or 25 if in full-time education). 

*Spouse = Married to the employee, the legally recognised cohabitant of the employee, irrespective of the person’s gender. 

**Children = Any biological or legally adopted child of the employee or, subject to agreement between us, any child who was, in our opinion, financially dependent on the employee at the time of death. 

***Orphans = A child who is left orphaned on the death of the member. Orphaned means that both the employee and the spouse are deceased.

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