We offer alternative solutions for accident insurances, with dedicated assistance to help employers assess their needs, select solutions, and devise a plan that best matches their objectives and budgets.


This benefit is payable in the event of death as a result of an accident. If Group Life benefit is also chosen, there will be a double payment in case of an accident. Coverage may be purchased separately for accidental dismemberment. 


We provide a monetary lump-sum benefit in case of accidental dismemberment. Products include either a 50% or 100% benefit, or a ‘continental scale’ which provides a percentage of the full sum insured depending on severity (e.g. 3% for loss of a finger and up to 100% for the loss of a limb). Coverage may be purchased separately for accidental dismemberment. In some cases, the spouse* and children** may also be included in this coverage.

*Spouse = Married to the employee, the legally recognised cohabitant of the employee, irrespective of the person’s gender. 

**Children = Any biological or legally adopted child of the employee or, subject to agreement between us, any child who was financially dependent on the employee at the time of dismemberment. 



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