Group Personal Accident

Helping employees with the unexpected, together.

Despite the best precautions, accidents and injuries can happen – at home and at work – and may have a devastating impact on individuals and their families.

Employers too may feel the fallout, both in terms of the cost and in terms of the impact of their employees being unable to return to work. With this in mind, many companies look at Group Personal Accident (GPA) insurance as part of their employee benefits package to offer additional protection for both themselves and their staff. By enhancing the employer duty of care, employees feel that their employer goes above and beyond statutory requirements.

At Generali Employee Benefits (GEB), thanks to our global network of Partners, we take a holistic approach to support employees should they suffer an accident – from the most life-changing or fatal injuries to helping them deal with the consequences of a traumatic event.

Three of GEB’s missions for the GPA offering:

1. If the unthinkable happens
Making rapid lump-sum payments for fatal, serious and permanent injuries for the individual or beneficiary to spend as they see fit, helping them through the
most difficult times.

2. Supporting the unexpected costs
Taking a holistic approach to help further lighten the load on accident victims and their families. This includes providing a range of supporting payments to assist employees if they are out of pocket due to an accident.

3. Progressing to recovery
Helping with the aftereffects of an accident - including psychological impact - by funding the appointment of professional counsellors if therapy is required.

GPA policies issued by the GEB Network Partners are eligible for inclusion in globally coordinated programmes from the GEB Network. Solutions include Lifecycle Pooling, Global Underwriting and Captive arrangements.


Explore the current GPA offering through our Network Partners around the world. GPA coverage could also be available in countries that are not included in the list provided, subject to assessment on a case-by-case basis. Bespoke solutions may be available subject to local rules and regulations.