GEB SUMMER SCHOOL - 2022 Edition


State of the art employee benefits.

As a constantly growing and innovative business, GEB is back with its traditional yearly appointment for clients, corporates and intermediaries's new joiners.

From Monday 13th to Friday 24th June 2022, you will be able to access unique training pills, through a series of short virtual sessions.

During this online knowledge-sharing experience we will present brand new sessions e.g. Captive Advanced, Digital Health & Wellbeing Partnerships and Disability Management Strategies. As part of the fundamentals sessions, you will learn more about our Global Solutions, Employee Benefits, International Mobility Solutions, Claims Handling & Protection.

Join us to know more about what GEB Network can offer you to support your employees, together.


If you have any questions, or need support please contact us.

Monday 13 June
Day 1
Employee Benefits at a glance
Ludovic Bayard, Chief Executive Officer
Reshma Poorun, Business Development Manager
Tuesday 14 June
Day 2
Lifecycle Pooling & Global Underwriting Solutions
Defne Canadinc, Client Development Manager
Alex Bravo, Pricing Underwriter
Wednesday 15 June
Day 3
Captive Solution
Anna Rossolato, Client Development Manager
Tom Nicholls, Client Development Manager
Thursday 16 June
Day 4
Captive Solution - Advanced
Cristina Morpurgo, Chief Insurance and Operations Officer
Frederik Van Den Eede, Head of Client Services
Friday 17 June
Day 5
Health & Wellbeing
Daniela Masters, Head of Health and Wellness Programs
Eric Butler, Director Health & Wellness
Monday 20 June
Day 6
Claims Handling & Protections
Marco Felet, Technical Governance Specialist
Chiara Righi, Head of Underwriting
Tuesday 21 June
Day 7
Disability Management Strategies
Ali Aliche, Underwriting Specialist
Frederik Van Den Eede, Head of Client Services
Wednesday 22 June
Day 8
GEB Network Partners at a Glance
Serena Longaro, Head of Network and Partnerships
Thursday 23 June
Day 9
Digital Health & Wellbeing Partnerships
Daniela Masters, Head of Health and Wellness Programs
Friday 24 June
Day 10
International Mobility - IPMI & Risk
Amit Paliwal, Business Development Manager
Kai Mehnert, Head of Sales and General Representative at Bupa Global
Joseph Barnes, Senior Business Development Manager at Utmost Corporate Solutions