Digital Health Services

GEB offers discounted access to digital health services to help your employees manage and improve their health.  Learn more about GEB's digital health service partners below.


Improve mental wellbeing with FlourishDx 

We are pleased to introduce you to FlourishDx, a specialty provider of risk management tools to improve mental wellbeing for global employees.  The FlourishDx software platform is available to GEB clients at a pre-arranged discounted rate.   

The FlourishDx software platform supports the psychological health, safety and wellbeing of employees and is available via desktop and mobile app.  Key features of the FlourishDx platform include: Employee surveys & data analytics; Risk management tools; Line manager training; Mental health education; Self-paced wellbeing surveys; Stress reduction; Virtual coaching.


Visit  to view sample video content, download the brochure, and demo the FlourishDx mental health audit tool. 


FlourishDx brochure

Mental health audit tool (available free of charge)

Contact us to learn more about integrating the FlourishDx platform and related services into your global benefits programme.


Improve health behaviors with Ciao 

Introducing Ciao - a mobile healthapp designed to help employees build healthy behaviours to improve their fitness, lose weight, reduce stress, improve sleep or just take better care of themselves overall.  

Employees can easily sync Ciao with their smartphones, wearable tech and fitness apps, pulling in data to get a clear picture of how they’re doing. The app has been developed through rigorous research and tested with real people all over the world.  Ciao is available at a discounted rate for GEB clients.

Demo the Ciao app, view videos, and download brochure literature, or contact Ciao directly for further information on integrating the app into your global plan offering:

Ciao brochure

Contact us for more information on Ciao