GEB Virtual Network Conference

August 2020

The GEB Network Conference has always represented an important occasion to gather with our Network Partners to discuss business, strengthen the relationship but also to share expertise and knowledge. As Thierry Mestach, GEB Chief Network Officer, previously stated: "The GEB Network is a strong and growing partnership. Together we can make things work and at our Network Partner Conference we get to really feel it".

The COVID-19 outbreak forced us to rethink the format of our Conference, transforming it into a virtual event. The GEB Virtual Network Conference will take place on September 3rd 2020 and will be divided into 2 sessions to allow all our worldwide Network Partners to participate. 

The theme of the Conference is “Building a Sustainable Future Together”.

Generali plays an active role in supporting the transition to a low carbon society, in mitigating the risks of climate change and in promoting greater environmental responsibility as well as an awareness of the need to better manage our impacts on the planet.

Felix Finkbeiner, one of our guest speakers at the event, will share his project ‘Plant for the Planet’ with us. Plant-for-the-Planet is an NGO that aims to raise awareness amongst children and adults about the issues of climate change and global justice. The initiative also works to plant trees. More than 13.6 billion new trees have been reported planted as a part of the Billion Tree Campaign, which has been handed over to the NGO by the United Nations. GEB is actively contributing for a more SUSTAINABLE FUTURE with a donation to plant 2020 trees in Yucatan, Mexico.

We will kick off the Conference by celebrating the 30th, 25th, 20th, 15th, 10th and 5th years ANNIVERSARIES with 9 of our Network Partners. Our partners represent the core of GEB’s business and it is crucial to recognise great achievements together. Thanks to these valuable partnerships and our sense of community, we endeavour to continue growing sustainably.

We will then discuss with the 3 Regional Directors, Andrea Valacchi (EMEA), Marc Reinhardt (The Americas) and Steve Wong (Asia Pacific), the 34 GLOBAL PROGRAMS newly implemented in 2019-2020. Leveraging the strong commitment and high quality capabilities of GEB Network Partners, we combine our  efforts to win the customers locally and to guarantee outstanding Employee Benefits coverages worldwide to our Multinational Clients.

During the second part of the Conference, the virtual stage will then be  given to Marco Sesana, Country Manager for Italy and responsible for Global Business Lines, joined by our CEO Paolo Ribotta. They will present the STRATEGIC OUTLOOK for GEB and GBL to the audience.

GEB’s General Manager, Ludovic Bayard, will lead PANEL with three CAPTIVE CLIENTS from the US, Europe and Asia on recent global events and how this has changed their approach to risk management. Another dimension of the discussion will tackle the services which are key to convince country decision-makers to accept the local network insurer and bring the policies to the global program.

Directly from the US West Coast, we will host on the virtual stage Tiffani Bova, Global Growth Evangelist at Salesforce. In this interactive learning discussion, attendees will hear what it takes to “think forward” and grow together in the new future. Tiffani tackles the hard topics head on with a straight-forward, front-line look at the mindset, strategies and tactics used to inspire innovation, elevate the NEW CUSTOMER EXPERIENCE and grow in the midst of a crisis.