Employee engagement key to success in Germany

While private health insurance in Germany is a mature market with nearly € 37 billion of annual premium income, the market for preventive healthcare and wellness for private and corporate clients is not nearly as developed yet.

Several surveys show that corporate clients are aware that they need to invest in keeping their workforce healthy. So why do we see so little investment today? Many corporate clients are very unsure which products or services are required and effective. Others tell us that participation of staff members in the offered wellness programme is quite low. This proves that is not enough to buy the right products and services in order to make a programme effective and keep the staff healthy. It is also about engaging employees.

As the local health insurer of the GEB network in Germany, Central Krankenversicherung is well known for its award-winning health programmes for chronic diseases such as back pain, diabetes, cardiac insufficiency and depression delivering  effective health care and enabling customers to improve their lives.

By rethinking these programmes and services from a corporate client perspective we at Central Krankenversicherung have developed a new holistic concept that combines our excellent health management with Generali Vitality, the internationally renowned programme for motivating people to lead a healthier life. In addition, we offer our services that lead to a better understanding of health issues as well as fast access to the right treatment (e.g. help line, doctor finder, second opinion).

The idea of this new concept is to keep employees healthy and active regardless of their age, sex, career level and health status. This does not only pay off in terms of a more productive workforce but can also be a powerful tool for improving employer identity, thus helping to retain employees longterm.

As a pilot project, Generali in Germany has just begun to offer access to the above mentioned programmes and services to employees and the first results look very promising.


Daniel Kleber, head of group insurance, daniel.kleber@central.de

Max Wunderlich, head of health management, max.wunderlich@central.de